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V is for Vegetarian

I hate how unsupportive my parents are of me being vegetarian. They cooked chicken enchiladas tonight because they know it is my absolute favourite dinner. But this is something I want to do. I am committing to it. I ate everything but the chicken and split it between my parents plates. Enjoy your chicken..


The greatest food ever! Frozen raspberries with either passion/ orange or berry weis sorbet.
It is incredible :)

I sort of miss tumblr :( 



 So last time I went off fb for a week and this happened...

Which is a decent effort. Now I am doing promoting I have to stay on fb. It is such a distraction!! But thats ok. 
So I have my half yearlies over the next two weeks. Isn't it a slightly scary thought that this is all of my years of schooling being examined over the course of this year.  And these exams are just the start...minus all those assignments I just completed. 

I looked up this atar calculator and it scared the shit out of me.
I need 94 to get into the bachelor of fashion design I want to do at UTS. I looked it up with my subjects. so even if I got 90 in all my subjects I still wouldn't pass. 

Well being online isn't really going to help me achieve any of this. Sorry for my lack of contact but HSC is taking over my life. I love you all, check out my "selling clothes for london" and "tickets for creamfields" pages which are just below this post. Off to study..




scopin' ikea

I absolutely adore these girls


take me back

to the summer holidays 
not for the sun or for the beach 
or the bikinis or the clothing
but for the absolute oblivion I had to how hard 
the HSC would actually be


My hair over the years, favourite ?

 At my 16th birthday. This is my natural hair colour.

Then I decided to go dark for winter I think last year.

And then it got interesting for a while when I had blue streaks. I was trying to get the bottom of my hair but decided streaks would be less obvious for school.

Then at some point I used a different dye and it turned a little purple, this is one of my best friend's styles of hair.

And then I went for the classic dip dye, because really why not ?

I used lots of silver washes throughout the holidays

and now its just that colour.  

Thinking about a change, thoughts ?




Wanderlust: A desire to travel, to understand one's very existence
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